Jane is my Remedial Therapist; she is the “mechanic” to my body which needs regular attention to keep me in good physical running order!

Behind these comments has been (and is) a lot of regular attention in the form of rehab from injury, both muscular and skeletal, which involves pelvic re-alignments, shoulder re-alignments, repair and ongoing attention through massage to ankle, calf, knee, neck, a ruptured bicep, and an arthritic wrist.
With such a catalogue of “areas of concern” and also regular “wear and tear” it would easy to give in to the vagaries of getting old. However, with Jane’s considerable help and motivation, I know that even though I am approaching 70, I can still lead a vigorous and strenuous outdoor life.

I consider myself to be most fortunate in being a client of Jane’s, for through her ground-breaking research and exceptional understanding and expertise in her field she enables me to keep living the life I want to lead, rather than one far more ordinary and – dare I say – one filled with discomfort and varying degrees of pain.

Thank you, Jane – without doubt you are keeping me young and very much alive!