Move beyond the scar

  • Learn to coax and cue your post-operative clients with gentle and safe movement by feeling subtle changes in your own body
  • Make your post-operative clients feel special and loved and notice the difference
  • Fill the space you are in and get a feel sense of the body’s tensegrity, and feel the bones float in their sea of fluid
  • Posture will change as a result of scar tissue and the body’s inherent instinct to protect
  • Be intuitive and listen to the body, respect where it wants to go, get a feel of where the scar tissue is stuck down
  • Feel how far the body is willing to go – now ask it to go a little further
  • Work from the inside out and give the body back the confidence and integrity, with an awareness of bone rhythm

Weekend workshop

There will be weekend workshops on both the chair and the reformer. These workshops will use props on the equipment. Working on a feel sense of the fascial anatomy lines.
Further details to be announced.


These run in the summer so that we can make the most of being by the sea. Boat trips and barbecues can be arranged,if the weather is good, at a small extra charge. We also have contacts with hotels, B&Bs or campsites depending whether the whole family is joining you. The retreats run over four days, so if you are here for the week there is plenty of time.

These retreats are predominantly for post graduate students wanting to add skills to their practice. They run from 10 am to 5 pm and include a class followed by a short presentation, then we work on the apparatus incorporating the fascial way of working following the anatomy lines.

There are also retreats for people who just love to do Pilates. These have the same timings, with the opportunity for boat trips and barbeques.