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Welcome to Body Aware Pilates Studio, based in Ilfracombe, North Devon

I began Pilates with Jane in my early sixties. The excellent feedback she gives in her classes has resulted in a significant increase in my balance and range of motion. I had accepted my stooping as a family trait, but with Jane’s help I have been able improve my posture and my back flexibility. I especially appreciate the sense of calm that results from mindfully concentrating on the slow movements. I cannot thank you enough, Jane, for your guidance and encouragement.

Ann Logan

Following years of increasing immobility and knee pain, which convention medicine did little to alleviate, I turned to Pilates. Jane having looked at my medical history and posture set up an exercise programme to strengthen my knees. Three months later, having kept to a daily 10 minute routine and weekly classes, I have stopped all pain killers and now enjoy 6 mile walks comfortably. This has been life changing Jane, thank you so much.

Ann Jones

I have been attending Jane’s Pilates classes twice a week for many years and think they are fantastic for general posture, strength, balance, suppleness and overall well-being. Jane is an expert in her field. She is always researching, updating and furthering her knowledge which she uses to teach us brilliantly! She caters for individual needs and ensures we reach our potential whilst making the sessions fun and relaxed. Jane really does a great job!

Jan Ware

Jane’s stunning studio reflects her practice: one of caring knowledge, that is relaxed, non-competitive and fun.
Through both reformer and chair classes I am not only improving my posture, reducing my back ache and toning up, but also learning about my body and how to best help myself.

In class, Jane gives lots of one-to-one attention and continuous feedback so I am improving all the time. There is, however a drawback to Jane’s classes: they are addictive! You have been warned!

Ally Poore

I first discovered Jane in 2011 whilst on holiday in Ilfracombe.  Having participated in Pilates since 2000 and qualifing as a teacher in 2008 Janes knowledge and expertise was phenomenal.  Jane has enabled me to enhance my own practise through becoming my mentor and to also develop as a teacher.  Her style combined with the latest scientific research ensures that your mind and body are being challenged in the most effective and safe manner.  The studio is tasteful and based in a beautiful location with a sea view. 

In addition to Pilates I have had appointments for soft tissue injury  Janes level of skill and attention to detail has assisted me in achieving my sporting goals, initially when rehabilitating a broken foot.  Jane was able to break down the scar tissue which had a positive impact upon the bones in my feet meaning I could run without pain despite consultants telling me my ‘foot would never be the same’.  Since then I have seen Jane for various niggles in which she has manipulated the fascia to relieve discomfort in other areas of my body.

I would thoroughly recommend Jane for any aspect of movement as imbalances are identified and a solution is found .  This is done from both a hands on perspective and exercises that need to be undertaken as a client.  I travel over 4 hours to see Jane on a regular basis to not only address any underlying problems my body has physically but to also be inspired through the Pilates concept by this amazing woman!

Sarah Gatford

I first went to see Jane Williams in 2013 after receiving treatment for breast cancer. Having done Pilates in the past, I knew the value of this type of exercise. I had recently moved to Ilfracombe and hearing good reports about Jane, I made an appointment for a one to one consultation. I found Jane to be caring and helpful. Her expertise as a Pilates teacher combined with her knowledge of anatomy and her ability to explain how Pilates could help my recovery, not only impressed me but gave me great confidence in her abilities to help me and most importantly do me no harm. She tailor made a set of exercises for me and under guidance and care, I am pleased to say that my recovery has gone from strength to strength. I have continued to attend class with Jane which I find helpful and informative. I have no problem in recommending Jane to anyone who was seeking help on the road to recovery and looking to improve their health and well-being.

Jean Baker

Jane-Elizabeth has kept me moving through osteoparosis and a hip replacement. I’ve never felt so fit! Highly recommended.

Margaret Piran

Jane is my Remedial Therapist; she is the “mechanic” to my body which needs regular attention to keep me in good physical running order!

Behind these comments has been (and is) a lot of regular attention in the form of rehab from injury, both muscular and skeletal, which involves pelvic re-alignments, shoulder re-alignments, repair and ongoing attention through massage to ankle, calf, knee, neck, a ruptured bicep, and an arthritic wrist.
With such a catalogue of “areas of concern” and also regular “wear and tear” it would easy to give in to the vagaries of getting old. However, with Jane’s considerable help and motivation, I know that even though I am approaching 70, I can still lead a vigorous and strenuous outdoor life.

I consider myself to be most fortunate in being a client of Jane’s, for through her ground-breaking research and exceptional understanding and expertise in her field she enables me to keep living the life I want to lead, rather than one far more ordinary and – dare I say – one filled with discomfort and varying degrees of pain.

Thank you, Jane – without doubt you are keeping me young and very much alive!

Peter Wright

Jane has supported me through a range of difficult times over the years with mat classes, when I was younger and fitter, but more importantly with deep tissue massage and one-to-one sessions during a period of intense pain and loss of confidence in moving healthily. As a result of her work I have now reached the point where I move with confidence and am normally pain-free. To maintain this, I now attend her reformer class, which my body appreciates, as a safe way of further developing my strength. I honestly believe that I would not be where I am today without Jane’s knowledge, expertise and care. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone and am eternally grateful for all of her support over many years.

Caroline Hicks

I am currently an attendee at Jane’s classes in pilates exercises and have found great personal benefit with physical well-being in this, my 90th year. Jane teaches with encouragement, clarity and marked attention to individual needs with a specificity of joint and muscle problems.

I wholeheartedly recommend her as both teacher and practitioner.

Dr Margaret Eames M.B.Ch.B., M.F.Hom.

Jane Williams is simply Wonderful … I do not believe you will be able to find a better Pilates teacher anywhere!! Her range of expertise, qualifications and experience, together with her friendly nature and sense of humour make every class a really enjoyable experience.
I feel that Jane really cares about each person she teaches, and she will often tailor an exercise to personally suit you and your particular physicality, so that everyone gets maximum benefit from her class- whatever age or fitness level you may be.

I always leave her Pilates class feeling taller; stretched and rejuvenated, and with a spring in my step! Thank you Jane ?

Donella Woolmer

There is a line from a Bob Dylan song which perfectly describes the ‘Jane effect’: “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”.

I have postural problems brought about by a vertebral fracture in 2000 and had somehow accepted that the stop I developed and which was getting progressively worse was the inevitable result of the trauma. I also have a hip problem. It was after years of meaning to sign up for pilates classes that I eventually did last year and I haven’t looked back. I attend a weekly reformer class and have fortnightly one-to-one sessions with Jane and look forward to everyone.

Jane is certainly the expert’s expert. She keeps up to date with the latest theory and practice and is a fantastic teacher, taking into account the particular strengths and weaknesses of each member of her classes. I always leave her pilates sessions feeling taller, more mobile and energised than when I arrived. My posture has improved and she makes sure it stays that way. I tell everyone I know that they should try pilates with Jane.

Whatever your age Jane will help you feel better (and younger!) and improve your posture, balance and strength. Don’t leave it as long as I did.

Netti Pearson